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Welcome To My....ummmm...Site

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yay!...did you think i forgot you! hehe...its great having you as a friend, again, and hey who would i have gotten that GREAT advice from on Thursday August 19th....:D thank you!!....well it was GREAT advice while it lasted....oh well him and i are better as friends than a its all good anyway....
Marching Band Festival....hey its gonna rock no matter what..cuz guess what GEOFFS NOT GOING!!!! YAY!!!!!!

all those late night sorry, i kinda ignored you at times....but hey you arent my friend by choice you're my cousin so i have to be nice to you...haha im just kidding love you bec!


thanks for everything last year (my frosh year...)
omg ted gave me a five star, one of these days i WILL get him back

thanks for comin!