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Do You Remember That One Time When...

Random crazy things we've done...

*I was being stupid, when we were "marching" out to the field and fell...
*Ted started the "DEFENSE DEFENSE" cheer when WE HAD THE BALL...
*The football coach got pissed off at us, because we were playing to loud and the players couldnt hear him talking...
*Miss Moore did the "Pump It Up" cheer...
*Miss Moore said, "Ok one more time", and we only did the drill 'one more time'....oh wait...that hasn't happened yet...
*We started to play the fight song at the football game, and Steph 'flung' her mallet over the railing on the stands...on accident...and Bekkah had to run down and get it off the field..
* Miss Moore - "Whats that in your mouth?"
  Connor - "Uhh...a Dum-Dum"
  Miss Moore - "And what are you?"
  Connor - "A Dum-Dum"
* Miss Moore - "Garrett, have you ever seen 'The Muppets'?"
  Garrett - "uhh..."
  Miss Moore - "Do you remember Animal?"
  Garrett - "uhh..."
  Miss Moore - "Play drum solos like him....ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!"
* Al and Charlie were making people laugh, during the attention game....and Charlie jumped on Al, and went right over top of him.....
* "Jazz Band" - Claudia Werner
* Jazz Band, game of Hang Man...."Oval Office"
* Miss Moore - "Geoff stop talking to the people on the field"
  *Geoff keeps talking....*
* Kristen - "Ok, what is Geoff looking at"
  Adam - "I dunno, he hasn't moved in a while"
.....10 minutes later.....
  Kristen - "OMG He still hasn't moved."
  Adam - "I know...weird"
....10 minutes later.....
   Kristen - "Ok, now hes just creeping me out!!!"
* Ryan sang country music...all the way to Cedar Springs
* Ted fell on his ass while playing hacky sack in DRILL MASTERS....lesson : NEVER hack in Drill Masters
* not funny, but, Kelsey fainted at the Band-O-Rama for the 8th graders...lesson : NEVER LOCK YOUR KNEES WHILE AT ATTENTION


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